Antivirus Netiquette Rules for Virus Protection

Antivirus Netiquette is the culture of computing free of a virus. Thus, how we scan, quarantine, and delete viruses.

Then, program designed to protect computers. So, viruses are programmed to hurt users. Consequently, erase, share, and steal computer information.

Given, records, destroys, and executes computer functions. No user knowledge or consent. Accordingly, antivirus fights viruses, malware.

Antivirus Netiquette Rules

  1. Confirm Attachments. It is good internet etiquette to confirm the contents of attachments prior to opening them.
  2. Automatic Backup. Back up data because protection is not full proof.
  3. Internet Account. Create an alternate computer sign on user name account for high risk online activities.
  4. Research Software. Research software before installation because many companies include multiple programs in software packages.
  5. Multiple Programs. Use multiple protection software programs for various tasks to prevent infection.
  6. Scan Everything. Scan everything to remove viruses.
  7. Disable Previews. Disable the email preview pane because the preview pane opens emails from unknown senders.
  8. Open In Plain Text. Open emails in plain text to prevent viruses.
  9. Schedule Scans. Scan regularly to prevent viruses because they can attack at any time. Follow or set a schedule.

Antivirus Network Etiquette

Customary protection practices for software programs. Given, limited ways viruses can get in a computer.

As a result, often they are granted access. So, controlling access is important. Accordingly, specialized software is the best defense.

Thus, fight software with software. Many types. Also, depends on online activities.


Antivirus software applications scan, monitor, and protect computer data. These are utility software programs. They check for corrupt files that may damage data.

Monitoring to prevent hacks.  Software scans for hackers. Finds unwanted data manipulation.

Corrupt files are put in quarantine. Then deleted. Alerts user.

Antivirus Netiquette

This type of software protects computers from data breach or other damage by hackers. Its protections from malicious code is cultural.

Each user is different and different user groups have different rules. At least one program for protection is advised.

Multiple programs may be used to protect highly sensitive data. High risk activity may require more security as well.

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