Accuracy Netiquette Social Media

Accuracy Netiquette Social Media

Accuracy is proper social media etiquette. Then, do share accurate posts. Given, fake news is common.

So, keep in mind. Thus, seldom factual. Accordingly, highly opinionated.

It follows, facts have different value. Hence, good emotion from positive experience is a matter of opinion. Also, we can feel.

Accuracy Netiquette Social Media

Accuracy describes something that is correct. It is a state of being. Information that is accurate is correct.

Social media has information that is not accurate. False information in social media is called a hoax because the content is generated from contacts.

Accurate Social Media

Given, information that is correct, accurate. Gives a social media network credibility.

Then, information that if false, lies, degrade and entire social media network.

We trust networks, people, and information from networks with people who tell the truth.

Accuracy Netiquette

It is proper netiquette to share accurate information through social media because people trust people, information, and networks with accurate users.

To social media rules.