1. Social code of network communication.
  2. Conventional online ethics from the Golden Rule.
  3. Human guidelines for digital engagement.

Netiquette Definition

Accordingly, education is standard for civilization . Governs communication naturally. Thus, network etiquette is community spirit, culture.

Then, internet is a network. Group of sharing computers. Equally, etiquette is an ethical standard. So, civilized from a belief in one God, Zoroastrianism.

In conclusion, netiquette principally defines popular religious standards accepted on all accounts. Application is government. Ethical activity.

Cyrus Netiquette

Humanity started when we decided to share. Treat others the way you want to be treated. It was written on the wall in a cave.

The writing is on the wall. We are entering a digital era. Civilization is positive, caring, and thoughtful.

As a result, Internet etiquette gives us order online. Grade school in Korea at first. It’s company policy in Europe.

Netiquette Rules

Netiquette Rules

Creates society. Brings us together. Given we agree, we are on common ground, connected.

A central rule. Categorical agreement develops community into classes. Recognized agreement.

Class friendship. Marriage, for example, is agreed upon by a man and woman. So, kids are legit.


Millennial mindset. Netiquette is SMART. Consequently, we give and take for Digital Citizenship.

Hence, norms are a guide. So, it takes two for social agreement. As a result, shared connection.

It helps. Good engagement improves us. Given, interaction is better, relationships get better.


It follows, we engage text, audio, images, and video online. Hence, utility, productivity, communication, and entertainment apps feature the web. Then, we can group them into social classes by use.

Kind of like app store categories. Difference is popularity. We need a lot of us to use it in our own way.

So, my angle is on the plus side. The point is center middle. We draw from what our friends like in principle groups. Hierarchy exists. Features overlap between apps. Rules do not.