Golden Rule One or None Brethen

Golden Rule. Then, we not animals. So, love style. Thus, one or none brethen.


Core Rules For More Rapport

Core rules. Then, good to know. So, basic style. Thus, for more rapport.



Social Media Rules Spend Trend Lend

Social media rules. Then, among contacts. So friendly style. Thus, spend, trend, lend.


Mobile Rules Movable Noble Global Spoil

Mobile rules. Then, wireless devices. So, active style. Thus, a movable noble global spoil.


Elearning Rules Yearn To Learn Tips

Elearning rules. Then, acquisition of knowledge. So, learning style. Thus, yearn to learn tips.


Safety Rules A Degree of Free

Safety rules. Then, preventing harm. So, protective style. Thus, a degree of free.

Security Rules

Business Rules A Plus In Any Purchase

Business rules. Then, value exchanges. So, transaction style. Thus, a plus in any purchase.


Email Rules Quick Fix Tricks For Clicks

Email rules. Then, electronic messages. So, standard style. Thus, quick fix tricks for clicks.


Video Rules Pix Flix ‘n Tricks For Kicks

Video rules. Then, digital motion pictures. So, accustom style. Thus, flix tricks for kicks.



Humanity started when we decided to share. Treat others the way you want to be treated. It was written on the wall in a cave.

The writing is on the wall. We are entering a digital era. Civilization is positive, caring, and thoughtful.

As a result, Internet etiquette gives us order online. Grade school in Korea at first. It’s company policy in Europe.


Millennial mindset. Netiquette is SMART. Consequently, we give and take for Digital Citizenship.

Hence, norms are a guide. So, it takes two for social agreement. As a result, shared connection.

It helps. Good engagement improves us. Given, interaction is better, relationships get better.

Netiquette Rules

Creates society. Brings us together. Given we agree, we are on common ground, connected.

A central rule. Categorical agreement develops community into classes. Recognized agreement.

Class friendship. Marriage, for example, is agreed upon by a man and woman. So, kids are legit.

Netiquette Definition

Accordingly, education is standard. Governs communication. Thus, network etiquette.

Then, internet is a network. Group of sharing computers. Equally, etiquette is standard.

In conclusion, netiquette principally defines popular. Application is different. Real.

  1. Social code of network communication.
  2. Conventional online ethics from the Golden Rule.
  3. Human guidelines for digital engagement.




Video, motion pictures, are popular. Games too. So, culture is developing from consumption. Video Rules



Email, electronic mail, service is customary for account validation. So, contacts develop. Email Rules



Conventions of B2C, C2C, and B2B commerce. So, Business and Consumers connect. Business Rules



Safety, security from danger, harm or risk, tips. So, just to be safe, we protect ourselves. Safety Rules



Education, instruction and acquisition of knowledge, hints. So, elearning development. Education Rule



Mobile tips, Wi-Fi connected devices, are conventional. So, we develop data use methods. Mobile Rules

Social Media

Social Media

User Generated Content (UGC) code for friends. Social customs. So, media generation. Social Rules



We need the web for its utility. There is a social code. So, the manners followed are netiquette. Internet Rules

David Paul Chiles Design & Host Portfolio

Started Netiquette with notepad in 2006. As a result, I’m a WordPress Warrior. Hence, David Paul Chiles Communications Designs and Hosting Portfolio.

David Paul Chiles WordPress Warrior

It’s a WordPress World. Plugins and themes are reaching a tipping point. So, earned wings as volunteer at WordCamp 2017, Seattle.

Web host, front-end design, SEO, and SEO copywriting. Hosting for value business clients. Designer friendly plans.

David Paul Chiles Hosting

Great specs; Security (up-time); Finally, easy control panel. Thus, sites hosted by PorkBun affiliated premium domains.

Principles of Netiquette Book & eBook

Principles of Netiquette, updated March 2016. Insider tips for the net. So, how to increase engagement.

Principles of Netiquette

Hence, easy to read tech book for internet etiquette. Thus, no big words. Just big concepts.

Then, need to know. Accordingly, achievable goals. Such as, doesn’t matter how success defined.

Principles of Netiquette

Achieve status as an influencer. Brings practices together. Provides explanation of successful online activity.

Whereas, an intro to social influence, technically. It follows, business degree, elearning, and upbringing. So, fundamental.

In conclusion, enables positive web contributions. Book is valuable. Lastly, no preference for a site or software.


Finally, belong to the online community. So, use Principles of Netiquette. Learn inside info. Don’t pass up this safety guide.

  • Rules
  • Guidelines
  • Explanations

It is my sincere hope that it will help readers become great Digital Citizens.

-David Chiles


“David Chiles’s book contains much that I will return to as I’m such a novice to the rules of engagement for online practices. There are definitions and explanations clearly laid out that take the mystery out of abbreviations and terminology that previously went straight over my head. “

-Louise White