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Netiquette is the social code of the internet. Netiquette rules are communication conventions. The Desktop version of Netiquette is the most comprehensive collection of netiquette rules. The Mobile Netiquette App is a responsive website with the core rules of netiquette for netiquettes.

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Netiquette is an application of the human condition to the internet. There are categories of rules, netiquettes, for online communities within the broad category of Netiquette. The rules are being codified with accompanying books, evolving, being written, and being refined.

Netiquette Newsletter


The Netiquette Newsletter provides information about the netiquette community, technology news and opinion. The Golden Rule and Netiquette rules are the basis of the community. The IoT is the topic of News and Netiquette is the topic of opinion. Netiquette brings the Internet of Things.

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Principles of Netiquette

Principles of Netiquette Order

The Netiquette brand built by David Paul Chiles based on The Principles of Netiquette. Other books will follow in the Netiquette Book Series. Netiquette is inclusive of everyone with the Golden Rule as a guide. The Golden Rule was created by his family on his Mothers side, Persian Royalty.

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Video Games

Netiquette video games are internet based. They reinforce the principles of netiquette, core rules, designed to encourage teamwork by applying community building techniques. Netiquette Words reinforces the terminology of Netiquette, which is a principle of online communities. There are several Youtube Channels based on Netiquette & Informatization as well.

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Netiquette brings the Internet of Things. Informatization is building the best app store, the Global App Store. Netiquette is teaching us how to use it. The Netiquette Book Series is bringing new order to the internet. Each book provides specific tools for successful online interaction according to community standards. Netiquette is the right way of doing things online.