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Netiquette is a collection of communication conventions for electronics. The rules of Netiquette are the social rules of the Information Age. This desktop version is the largest collection of Netiquette rules. Elementary schools use the site most.

These Netiquette rules are the correct ways of sending messages on the internet. Netiquettes, sub-categories, are grouped collections of Netiquette rules. Mobile devices are at the center because they are the most popular internet electronics.

The mobile site contains the core conventions for Netiquettes. It is designed to respond differently to smartphones and tablets. The content is simple. The layout is responsive.

Netiquette Dictionary


The Netiquette Dictionary has computer related words. They are new words, traditional words in a computer context, and acronyms. New words are portmanteaus, unique spellings, and other creations. These new vocabulary words can be difficult to place.

The Netiquette Dictionary provides the correct definition with the appropriate style of use, Netiquette. The words are defined according to use. They are placed according to their part of speech for popular use in alphabetic order.

The words in the dictionary are the priniciples of Netiquette. They are the vocabulary of the Information Age. The Netiquette Words video game is provided to reinforce the principle words.

Netiquette Newsletter


The Netiquette Newsletter provides exclusive content you can share with your friends. It is technology news and Netiquette opinion for a private subscriber list. The Netiquette Newsletter has informative articles for the online community.

The online community is established by the Golden Rule. Agreement is membership. Activity according to Netiquette rules is community involvement. The Newsletter has 'how to' articles and announcements for participation in the online community.

The categories are: Informatization, Announcements, and Infographics. Informatization has 'how to' e-commerce articles. Announcements are related to the Netiquette Cloud. Infographics are picture articles.

Netiquette Cloud

Netiquette Books

Netiquette Books by David Paul Chiles Publishing reinforce ethics and community service as principle values based on the Golden Rule while teaching fundamental computer science lessons. The Netiquette Book Series teaches appropriate communication conventions for electronics from Netiquette, The rules of Netiquette were codified in 2006 on this site. They are the social code of the internet.

The books are modeled after the success of South Korean and Chinese implementation of Netiquette in education. South Korea was the first to reach the Information Age. It was according to their national informatization plan with a Netiquette book series as a component in 2007. Samsung immediately became the world's largest electronics manufacturer. China implemented a plan that began with a Nationalistic advertising campaign.

This Netiquette Book Series is for everyone. It is the social standard for the internet because everyone uses this site. The dropup button below has stores with books and related social media webpages.

Internet Etiquette

Internet Etiquette Netiquette

Internet Etiquette: Netiquette Fundamentals, Rules, & Optimization lays the ground work for a great internet experience. This book has clear explanations of the internet, Information Age, and informatization. There are optimization techniques whose explanations give the reader a new understanding of how computers work together with us. The general internet etiquette rules from this site are provided as principles in the book.

Internet Etiquette, the book, gives you the confidence of knowing right from wrong because it teaches the correct way of communicating on the internet. The concepts and rules are community standards. Chiles has a degree from a finishing school and took classes from Ivy League professors specifically to write this book. He has been privileged with an education of the highest community standard. This book is the internet community standard.

Internet Etiquette is the standard for everyone. The principles in the book are the rules from this site. The dropup button below has stores with this book and related social media webpages.

Principles of Netiquette

Principles of Netiquette

The Principles of Netiquette by David Chiles was written to introduce the internet to everyone. It is explained in a social context. Netiquette, the social code of the internet, is inclusive of everyone based on the Golden Rule. The Golden Rule was created by David’s family on his Mother's side, Persian Royalty. The concept of community has traditionally been instilled in society by religion. Ethics began with the Golden Rule, a religious standard.

History helps us understand. The concepts of the internet are explained, which gives them proper context. The book is understandable because it uses small words, short sentences, and a traditional introduction, body, and conclusion for every chapter. This book establishes what most people come to understand from using the internet by providing explanations of how we use it. The meaning comes from the consensus universal explanations provide.

The Principles of Netiquette are for everyone. The principles in the book guide our internet interactions. The dropup button below has stores with this book and related social media webpages.

Apps: Everything You Need To Know


Apps: Everything You Need to Know is about mobile Apps. Electronics function as a result of software applications. Mobile software applications, Apps, are used on mobile devices. Mobile devices provide the infrastructure for content consumption the internet backbone supplies.

Mobile is the leading internet delivery method. This book is a foundational element of the Principles of Netiquette because of the software explanations it provides. It serves to extend a brand of basic Netiquette by establishing the online community through the Informatization Book Series and site.

Apps are for everyone. The principles of Apps in the book are the software descriptions. The dropup button below has stores with this book and related social media webpages.


Internet Users Guide

Internet Users Guide: Safe & Successful Surfing is a short book with principle Netiquette strategies. It is a guide for popular online activities including: Facebook, Twitter, Mobile, Email, and Online Shopping. Basic Netiquette for social media websites, email communication techniques, and e-commerce. The social media strategies from this book are included in The Principles of Netiquette.

The concepts are traditional marketing concepts and technical knowledge socially applied to the internet. Chiles used his business degree from Morehouse College and Coursework from Cornell, among other things to write this book. Morehouse College has their own social code of etiquette and a world renowned business school. New Media Marketing from Cornell provided the business theory for many concepts.

Internet Users Guide is for everyone. The principles in the book are the strategies for social engagement. The dropup button below has stores with this book and related social media webpages.


Information Age

Netiquette is something created by David Chiles. Informatization is a word that has been around since the early 1970’s used to describe the transformation process to the Information Age. Some places and countries are already there.

This site,, has been used as a component of national informatization plans by South Korea and China. Informatization is a site for the Information Age that frames the content in terms of information and Apps, without a national plan, for freedom and equality. A free equal society with Netiquette as is its culture. is a community website site for everyone. Its values include freedom and equality. The dropup button below contains links to Informatization App Stores and articles.