Netiquette Rules is authority on internet etiquette, Netiquette. Thank you for visiting. Please practice proper Netiquette, use this sites rules and dictionary as a reference. Sign up for the Newsletter below. The books provide a foundation and advanced techniques.

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Netiquette Rules



Netiquette is a collection of communication conventions for electronics. The rules of Netiquette are the social rules of the Information Age. This desktop version of rules for Netiquette is the largest collection of Netiquette rules on the internet. Elementary schools use the site most.

The Netiquette rules are popular ways of communicating. Netiquettes, sub-categories, are grouped collections of Netiquette rules. Mobile devices are at the center because they are the most popular internet electronics.

The mobile site contains the core conventions for Netiquettes. It is designed to respond differently to smartphones and tablets. The content is simple. The layout is responsive.

Netiquette Dictionary



The Netiquette Dictionary has computer related words. They are new words, traditional words in a computer context, and acronyms. New words are portmanteaus, unique spellings, and other creations. These new vocabulary words can be difficult to place.

The Netiquette Dictionary provides the correct definition with the appropriate style of use, Netiquette. The words are defined according to use. They are placed according to their part of speech for popular use in alphabetic order.

The words in the dictionary are the priniciples of Netiquette because they motivate our online actions and regulate our behavior. They are the vocabulary of the Information Age. The Netiquette Words video game is provided to reinforce the principle words.

Netiquette Newsletter



The Netiquette Newsletter provides exclusive content you can share with your friends. It is technology news and Netiquette opinion for a private subscriber list. The Netiquette Newsletter has informative articles for the online community.

The online community is established by the Golden Rule. Agreement is membership. Activity according to Netiquette rules is community involvement. The Newsletter has 'how to' articles and announcements for participation in the online community.

The categories are: Netiquette, Announcements, Internet of Things (IoT). Netiquette has 'how to' articles as a sub category. Announcements are related to the Netiquette Cloud. Internet of Things (IoT) contains technology news.

Netiquette Books

Netiquette Books

Netiquette Books by David Paul Chiles Publishing reinforce ethics and community service as principle values based on the Golden Rule while teaching fundamental computer science lessons. The Netiquette Book Series teaches appropriate communication conventions for electronics from Netiquette, The rules of Netiquette were codified in 2006 on this site. They are the social code of the internet.

Internet Etiquette

Internet Etiquette Netiquette

Internet Etiquette: Netiquette Fundamentals, Rules, & Optimization by David Chiles sets the standard for appropriate online behavior. It gives non-technical people a technical understanding of optimization techniques not found on the website in an easy to follow format.

The rules of Netiquette contained in this book have been taught since 2006 and are being published for the first time after careful research and training. The book provides the background information necessary to put our online actions in context with the age we live in.

Principles of Netiquette

Principles of Netiquette

The Principles of Netiquette by David Chiles is a reference guide for online interaction. It is academic in that it provides clear definitions and explanations. It is for everyone because it is written in an easy to read format that reinforces the information without forcing you to study.

The Principles of Netiquette is a complete internet style guide for everyone with the Golden Rule as the basis of interaction. Reciprocity rules the principles of Netiquette. Treat others the way you wan to be treated. Principle formulas including: Return on Investment (ROI), Cost Per Click (CPC), and Click Through Rate (CTR) are the underlying fundamentals of the strategies provided in this book.

Apps: Everything You Need To Know


Apps: Everything You Need To Know by David Chiles provides background and instructional information that will help you use your Smartphone.

The App Store category descriptions are particularly useful because they can help you find good Apps. Smartphones are bringing about the information age. This short guide gets you ready for it.


Internet Users Guide

Internet Users Guide: Safe & Successful Surfing by David Chiles is an absolute beginners safety guide to the internet. This book explains how to do some of the most basic tasks on the most popular websites.

There are principle strategies for social media engagement that will attract good friends. Helpful information is provided for online shopping. A chapter is dedicated to effective email communication techniques. General mobile guidelines for appropriate use are given. It is a short and basic Netiquette guide for internet use.


Informatization Information Age

Netiquette is a component of informatization. Informatization is the transformation to the Industrial Age. The Information Age economy is based on the internet. Netiquette is the social code of the internet. The website provides e-commerce stores. There is Internet Retail (eTail), App Stores (Global, Local, & Special Interest), and customer service articles.