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Netiquette Dictionary



The Articles of Netiquette provide principle explanations along with definitions for the primary categories and sub categories of Netiquette. They are the articles for which the rules are based. They describe the internet and its standard industry classifications, segments.

The Netiquette Dictionary has computer related words. They are new words, traditional words in a computer context, and acronyms. New words are portmanteaus, unique spellings, and other creations. These new vocabulary words can be difficult to place.

The words in the dictionary are the priniciples of Netiquette because they motivate our online actions and regulate our behavior. They are the vocabulary of the Information Age.

Netiquette Rules



Netiquette is a collection of communication conventions for electronics. The rules of Netiquette are the social rules of the Information Age. This desktop version of rules for Netiquette is the largest collection of Netiquette rules on the internet. Elementary schools use it most. The site is going through a major upgrade in content and programming.

The rules are popular communication techniques. Netiquettes, sub-categories, are grouped collections of rules. A book collection corresponds to the rules.

The mobile site contains the core conventions for Netiquettes. It is designed to respond differently to smartphones and tablets. The content is simple. The layout is responsive. The rules are fundamental.

Netiquette Newsletter



The Netiquette Newsletter provides exclusive content you can share with your friends. It is technology news and Netiquette opinion for a private subscriber list. The Netiquette Newsletter has informative articles for the online community.

The online community is established by the Golden Rule. Agreement is membership. Activity according to Netiquette rules is community involvement. The Newsletter has 'how to' articles and announcements for participation in the online community.

The categories are: Netiquette, Announcements, Internet of Things (IoT). Netiquette has 'how to' articles as a sub category. Announcements are related to the Netiquette Cloud. Internet of Things (IoT) contains technology news.


David Chiles

Netiquette History

David Chiles uses words. He makes them up. Mr. Chiles is known for using big words appropriately with everyone in all circumstances. He has given the word of the day many times at speaking club meetings. The core rules of Netiquette came from a speech he gave in 2006 in Newport Beach, CA. Many of the concepts are rules that were developed in speeches before that in Seattle, WA. He is a Church Geek who has played many different roles. David Chiles: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle

Netiquette Dictionary Definition

The Definition is the rule. Netiquette: Noun: 1. The social code of network communication. 2. The social and moral code of the internet based on the human condition and Golden Rule of Netiquette. 3. A philosophy of effective internet communication that utilizes common conventions and norms as a guide for rules and standards.


Netiquette rules are the rules good people follow because David Chiles made them from the popular communication conventions of good people.

Core Rules of Netiquette

Netiquette News

Online Community News

News for Netiquette is simply further development. The Newsletter mailing list is the group of good people that Netiquette is being developed with. Netiquette is moving beyond educational use. It is now part of David Chiles' professional portfolio. David Paul Chiles Publishing

Google Algorithm Update

Netiquette Books

Netiquette Books

Netiquette Books by David Paul Chiles Publishing reinforce ethics and community service as principle values based on the Golden Rule while teaching fundamental computer science lessons.

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